Bridal Wedding Photoshoot

About FeliciaZoe MakeUp

Feliciazoe is a social media influencer and also a makeup artist of 6 years experience for Event ;Photo shoots; Fashion show; Bridal; Special effect makeup and Hairdo. She is very known of the special effect makeup as she has been specializing is many zombie makeup events. She has worked for various projects in Norway, Malaysia, Japan and Taiwan. Currently, her blog and page is known for her travelling stories as she shares a lot about her travelling experiences online. Feliciazoe also started doing a few Youtube videos 2 years ago regarding Norway and places she has been to and plans to startup a makeup tutorial video on Youtube. Her fans and readers are mainly young adults of ages 17-35.Currently she has 4k fans on her page, 38kfans on IG, and Youtube 2,131004 views.

2012 - Norwegian flim
                 (Anne og Arlet)
          -Popstar Singing Contest
        (Vivian Chua- Guest Singer)
2013 - Zombie Run KL
           - INTI Super Sapiens
           - I EAT KL ( TV series)
       - Zombie Hanami ( Kyoto)
           - VG magazine shoot(Norway)
          - Zombie Video shoot (Taiwan)
-Pei Yun Bridal Photoshoot
-Anne og Arlet Launch
- Osaka Haloween Party
2014   -An Honest Mistake Music Video
               - PCMC Annual dinner
              - Ming Wedding Anniversary
              -Celine Pregnancy Photo shoot
              - Adeline Wedding
          - Phillips zombie commercial
           -Zombie Run
2015- Zombie Run Video
-Tina and Dani Wedding (Norway )
-Tokyo Zombie Haloween Party
-Zombie Run makeup Training
-Rebecca and Anyd Wedding in Melbourne

Bridal MakeUp & Hairdo Charges
from RM300 onwards fra 600Kr
 excluding equiptment rentals and transportation
*Price differ based on countries

Special Effect MakeUp Charges

From RM190 Onwards fra 600kr
excluding transportation fee and rental of prosthethics.

*Price differ based on countries

Contact me at
Whatssap: +47 40098588 or call 40098588
Facebook Page Message or Instagram : FeliciaZoe

Party night Makeup Transformation

Muslim Makeup Tranformation

Transforming 15 to look like 21

The Shemale MakeOver

Zombie Man Makeup

Gore Internal organs Makeup

Finger Chopped Off MakeUp


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Makeup transformation

French Braide Hairdo MakeOver

Spring Makeup Photoshoot-Norway

Female Zombie Makeup Photoshoot

FX MUA- FeliciaZoe
Model -Sonia
Photographer- Waiwah

Norwegian Bridal Makeup & Hairdo

I did a light make up for her as she is has good skin and prefers to have less thick makeup.

As for the hair, she got fresh flower crown and I did curls and bun behind.

Zombie Makeup in Kyoto, Japan

As it was the Cherry blossom season, Japanese would usually have a Hanami party underneath the cherry trees. Yet, this time, it's a party underneath the bridge.

Makeup in Progress